My Lancair Legacy kit airplane

Tony Moradian Finished Lancair Legacy Plane

I’m long overdue in sharing the photo journey of my very own Lancair Legacy kit airplane!

I built the plane over a 2-year period and worked with some of the finest aviation craftsman on the planet along the way.

I enhanced this plane with built-in Oxygen for high altitude flying and could cruise at 270 mph at 17000’. It had a retractable landing gear and could stay aloft for 3.5 hours at 270 mph.

Also, with the GRT Avionics installed, Melissa is starting the interior work. This airplane didn’t have any conventional circuits breakers. Instead, I decided on Vertical Power Solid State power control system.

:ancair vertical power solid state control system

Here is our journey to painting the entire plane:

First things first: custom protection for all of the plane’s windows:

Lancair plane windows

Next step: sanding and prepping! Pictured are the carbon fiber top and bottom cowls, sanded, shaped and ready to be primed and painted by the master himself: Steve Green.

Lancair plane sanding painting

With the control surfaces off, taping and laying out the striping to depict the water energy on the side of the fuselage. The final scheme came out beautifully!

Tony Moradian Lancair Fuselage
Tony Moradian Lancair build progress

Wet sanding the stripes after the paint – Steve Green does such amazing work!

Steve Green Lancair Project painting

The finished plane!

Finished project - Tony Moradian Lancair Plane kit

It was a wonderful project. This airplane is highly modified for the Reno Air races in the sports class:

Many thanks to:

  • Airframe finish and engine installation: RDD Enterprises, Redmond, Oregon
  • Paint Design: Don Barnes
  • Paint Finishing: Steve Green (Medford Oregon)
  • Avionics: Aerotronic,
  • Avionics Installation: Jon Hadlick, #airsystems15

Enjoy more photos of my restorations and aviation exploits on my Flickr page.