COVID-19 Has Brought More People to Aviation

Aviation - Tony Moradian - flying upside down

This is fascinating to me – the pandemic has encouraged more people to take up flying as a hobby and even a vocation! I guess it makes sense; the plane’s small size inherently limits your exposure to others and mass transit is such a hassle. Why not take your own plane?

Here’s what the Greenville Business Magazine says:

“While coronavirus (Covid-19) has affected revenue and passenger traffic at most commercial U.S. airports, the disease has turned into almost a blessing in disguise in the last few months to the world of general and business aviation.

Flight instruction for new pilots is up, first-time U.S. charters are reaching new highs, and, going forward, industry officials are poised to see the industry take off in ways that previously appealed to only a certain segment of people.

‘Covid-19 has made travel by business jets a more attractive option than ever before,” said Joe Frasher, director of Greenville Downtown Airport (GMU). “We have definitely seen an increase in the use of charter aircraft.’”

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