About Tony Moradian

Tony Moradian is an avid aerialist and Aerobatic pilot. He developed a passion for aviation as a young boy watching airplanes across the airport fence and being in awe of an object’s ability to fly. He started taking flying lessons at the age 14 and was able to pay for his flight lessons by working as a boss boy at a world-renowned seafood restaurant in New Orleans Louisiana. He soloed on his 16th birthday, the earliest legal age, and achieved his private pilot’s license on his 17th birthday. He has flown 24 different types of aircraft and has performed in numerous air shows and contests.

Tony was educated at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University before attending the University of Arizona where he received a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering.

Being an emigrant, Tony wanted to serve his country by joining the United States Marines and at the same time fulfill his passion for aviation. He did well enough in his flight training to end up flying the Cobra attack helicopters (AH1-W).

After his military career, he was recruited by Betz Labratories to work in the Industrial water treatment industry as a technical sales representative. This technical marketing position aligned with his background as an engineer and a pilot.

After a successful career with Betz Labs and holding numerous management positions, Tony founded EnviroAqua Consultants, Inc. EnviroAqua achieved steady growth every single year. Tony and his management team realized that success by being customer driven, and providing technologically advanced water treatment solutions with the sole purpose of return on environment on behalf of its customers.

He sold EnviroAqua Consultants Inc. to ChemAqua, Inc., a division of NCH Corporation (one of the largest water treatment companies in the world) in December of 2019. This was a great union for both companies, expanding the capabilities of ChemAqua on the west coast and beyond.

Tony Moradian has managed to stay active in aviation over the past three decades and continues to do so flying Gulfstream V series airplanes. He has flown over 24 different types of aircraft and has performed in numerous airshows and contests. Aviation is a true passion for Tony and the learning never stops.

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